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Armalytix uses financial data intelligence to give you the next generation of customer compliance checks. Whether it's for financial risk or social responsibility, we help you understand your customer's finances quickly and effectively - enabling you to make better decisions faster.

Armalytix already helps more than 200 firms by delivering the financial insights and information they need, seamlessly integrated into existing workflows.

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Why armalytix

Requesting information

Professional & financial firms
Complete the checks you need and deliver a great client experience. Free yourself from complex forms and get the proof you need in moments.

Adding information

Platforms & enterprise
Provide proof and flexibility to your customers and clients with market-leading checks, seamlessly integrated into your systems.

Sharing information

Asked to do a check?
Don’t be dragged down by form filling and wasting time finding information. Share exactly what you need in a few clicks and get on with your life.


Armalytix works for everyone, and we have features specifically tailored to your industry. We’ll review your existing forms and workflows, agree the information you need and build great client experiences for you, freeing you from forms.

Legal & Property

Whether you’re a conveyancer, estate agent, mortgage broker or other legal or property professional, financial crime and social responsibility regulations require you to perform checks on property transactions. Get the data, answers and evidence you need in moments with bank information, questionnaires, fact finds and analysis.

Financial Services

For financial services firms, financial crime and social responsibility regulations require you to perform checks on your clients. Get the data, answers and evidence you need with bank information, questionnaires, client fact finds and financial analysis. Take advantage of the industry-leading compliance checks that financial services firms, accountants and lawyers use everyday.

Betting & Gaming

For betting and gaming firms, financial crime and social responsibility regulations require you to perform checks on your customers. Get the data, answers and evidence you need with bank information, questionnaires and financial analysis. Stop customer drop-off with a simple, digital journey integrated effortlessly into your existing workflows.


For insolvency practitioners, chasing clients or banks for statements, chasing again for the right data and date ranges and then having to conduct a significant manual process to get the data you actually need is outdated and no longer necessary.Do this all quickly, digitally and accurately with Armalytix.


Time is a precious commodity to accountants and bookkeepers. Dealing with bank statements and forms to get on with the real work is not. Become part of the ever growing community of forward-looking professionals freeing themselves from forms and claiming that time back.

Crypto & Blockchain

With crypto becoming mainstream, your firm faces an increasing barrage of regulatory checks. Armalytix enables compliance for financial crime and social responsibility checks on both crypto and fiat currencies. Within moments, we deliver proof of source of funds, bank account verification and more to your clients, simply integrated into existing workflows.

For all kinds of industries

Whatever your industry, if you’re dealing with financial crime and social responsibility checks we want to free you from that tiresome overhead. Future-proof your business and get ahead of your competitors.


About us

We are engine of proof for the digital economy, empowering everyone to be form free.

Our mission is to create a hugely positive impact on society. With our digital checks, we believe we can help stem the rise in financial crime, stop the vulnerable being exploited and protect consumers from making poor financial decisions. To do this, we are building extraordinary experiences that make complicated forms and processes simple.

What our clients say

'Armalytix is a game changer! Ease of process and quality of information is unparalleled. We can now get detailed banking data from clients in minutes, with minimal costs. A process that previously involved never ending phone calls and reminders.'

Zain Iqbal - Insolvency Practitioner, Cooper Young

'Armalytix is simple, secure and saves a lot of time.'

Mohit Baheti - Director of Operations - Online Account Filing

'Armalytix has allowed us to develop an industry leading source of funds report for our 15,000 professional services clients'

Richard Devine - Account Director – Veriphy

'I would highly recommend Armalytix to all Conveyancers, it will truly make transactions a lot smoother and quicker. Armalytix will provide a more thorough analysis of a client’s source of funds without the Conveyancer having to trail through a mountain of bank statements and make the necessary connections to show a trail of funds.'

Chandni Chikhlia - Conveyancer - Quality Conveyancing

'We have been delighted with the service so far – and have been so impressed with how smooth it has made the process. Delays in receiving bank data often mean we don’t start a job for weeks, with Armalytix we email or even SMS the client and the data is back with us within minutes for the date period we need.'

Craig Davies - Owner – NSBA


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