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Legal Press 16.05.22
Podcast – Protecting Conveyancers from Fraud with Today’s Conveyancer & Cashroom

This podcast discusses the opportunity presented by Open Banking in reducing the risk of fraud across the conveyancing transaction, from initial onboarding through to completion and final final exchange of funds.

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Accounting 29.04.22
Armalytix has been accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Armalytix works for accountants and bookkeepers. In recognition of how simple it is for you and your clients and how it makes your working life better we have been accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

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Legal Press 6.04.22
X-Press Legal Services and Armalytix partner to offer SoF technology for legal sector

Armalytix, the open banking platform which streamlines the collection of data for the professional and financial service industries, is partnering with X-Press Legal Services, the largest independent property search provider in the UK, to offer its Source of Funds (SoF) technology for the legal sector.

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Accounting Legal Press 30.03.22
eWeek – Data, Data, Data

The importance now placed on data collection is huge. Our economy is no longer trust-based, it is now proof-based, and firms are under increasing pressure from regulators to know more about their customers. Add in the fact that companies need to take into account all financial data sources people have, from loans to multiple bank accounts and payslips, as well as non-financial data, such as personal data and identification checks, it is no surprise that companies are struggling to verify this data.

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Legal News 29.03.22
Today’s Conveyancer – Armalytix partners with Zeus Tech Solutions to offer Proclaim integration

Armalytix has partnered with Zeus Tech Solutions to offer Proclaim integration for law firms looking to utilise the market-leading SoF technology. For legal and conveyancing firms, regulation and financial crime risk increasingly require source of funds (SoF) and wealth checks. Armalytix provides sophisticated checks quickly and simply with flexible questionnaires to provide all the information a law firm needs in moments.

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Accounting Legal Press 29.03.22
Inside Conveyancing – The Modern-Day Pandora’s Box: data, data, data

Pandora’s Box has been opened again. New innovative financial products, all geared towards making our lives easier, have prised the box open and data has been released. This decentralisation of data is creating a range of difficulties, such as a negative customer experience and poor quality AML checks for companies who must gather more and more information about their customers to confirm they are who they say they are.

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