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Webinar – SRA, AML and source of funds

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Webinar – The importance of Source of Funds checks

What is a SOF check and why do we do them? What are the risks to your firm if you don’t investigate the source of a client's funds? Case studies included.

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Press 8.09.21
Armalytix Press – Tax Advisor The future of finance

Richard McCall considers how Open Banking platforms are revolutionising the ways in which businesses access, manage and control finances, and what this means for taxation.

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Blog 9.08.21
How Open Banking is empowering small accounting firms with time-saving solutions

According to the Office of National Statistics, there are approximately 44,000 accountancy firms in the UK, 80 percent of which operate with less than four employees while a mere 45 firms employ more than 250 people. This demonstrates the extent to which accountants either work as part of small teams or independently.

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Press 7.08.21
Armalytix Press – Finance Derivative Better business planning

Despite the end to Covid-19 restrictions in England on 19th July, Britain’s small businesses face an uncertain future. Many have taken advantage of the various Government schemes available to help business through the pandemic, but as the reopening begins businesses will need to make crucial decisions on repayment of loans and recruitment of new people.

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Press 6.08.21
Armalytix Press – AccountingWeb Cutting admin headaches for accountants

Richard McCall highlights how the combination of security and simplicity of implementation within Open Banking apps can help obliterate tedious administration.

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