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Members of the Armalytix community are lighting up their client experiences, future-proofing their businesses and embracing a form-free future.

See how they are going about it and what they have to say.

Legal & Property 19.01.23
Eden Conveyancing

Working with Armalytix has allowed Eden to make a significant difference in the way that its property lawyers manage Source of Funds.

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Legal & Property 12.01.23
Woodford Stauffer

As the complexity and importance of regulatory checks has grown, technology has increasingly developed to help tackle the challenge. This is particularly important in conveyancing, where additional time spent on checks directly impacts productivity and the bottom line. Smart firms like Woodford Stauffer have embraced this new technology to bring efficiency and enhanced profit to their business.

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Legal & Property 6.06.22
Evolve Law

Evolve Law is a law firm that offers first-class residential conveyancing services across the UK. Armalytix is giving them a modern solution to a historic problem, helping them meet their regulatory and legal obligations regarding the source of a client’s wealth.

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Legal & Property 22.02.22
Smart Legal

Armalytix has had a positive effect for Smart Legal, helping to liberate the day-to-day for the team, provide better experiences for the clients and reduce the time wasted going back and forth to get authentic and accurate information.

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Accounting 13.01.22
How to solve broken bank feeds and confirm bank balances

Automation of data collection is one of the missing pieces for future-looking firms. Using tools like Armalytix to fix broken bank feeds and confirm bank balances gives accountants and their clients peace of mind about the accuracy of data and allows for compliance filings to be completed speedily and on time.

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Accounting 6.10.21
Hammond & Co. Accountants

Hammond & Co. is an accountancy firm based in Chesterfield, offering company accounts, VAT, payroll, bookkeeping, and more. The company provides growth and advisory services including business coaching, investment, recruitment, strategy and planning. Supporting a range of businesses, Hammond & Co. prides itself on giving honest, clear and simple advice to its clients.

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