Source of Funds Questionnaire

Stop creating your own Source of Funds Questionnaire

As Source of Funds specialists why would we say this?

In June 2022 we partnered with leading Risk and Compliance specialists Legal Eye and they worked with us to create the most robust digital client questionnaire in the market.

No more printing, no more filing.

The client completes a quick easy-to-use digital questionnaire in just a few clicks with no app or software download needed.

An easy-to-access slick digital journey for all

  • Meet regulatory needs and minimise reputational risk
  • Combine accurate data from client’s bank accounts with the answers and evidence you need
  • Remove resource-heavy manual processes
  • Our Legal Eye-endorsed questionnaire is just a part of how we can help you move away from manual processes.

Why not book a demo or download a sample report to see how it works.

Armalytix enables law firms to create great client experiences with a simple, digital journey integrated effortlessly into your existing workflows.

Cutting-edge tech combined with a deep understanding of what the needs of a modern law firm are – delivering a simple, slick experience for the client.

We’d love to show you Armalytix in more detail and run through how you can use the reports as part of your risk-based approach to identifying, assessing, understanding, and mitigating money laundering threats.

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By The Armalytix Team — 6 June 22

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