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“Armalytix has become crucial to the business. It’s another tool in our armoury that we use every day.”

My Cloud 9 Accounting (MC9A) is a two-partner, Cheshire-based accountancy firm offering small businesses and professional individuals financial guidance and business advice across cloud accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, business strategy, exit planning, tax and statutory accounts. MC9A makes clever use of the latest technology to ensure that finances are more efficiently managed.

The problem

To give its clients faster and more effective financial advice, Ross Macleod, Founder of MC9A, needed a time-saving solution to the unproductive and unreliable issues around conventional methods of sharing financial data:

“When asking for bank statement information from clients, we run into errors. Whether that is out-of-sync statements that are incorrectly dated, data which includes duplicate lines, or photocopied statements that have pages missing: all of these add major delays to the data collection process, causing a knock-on effect that disrupts our other tasks. Instances like this occur around 70 percent of the time, which quickly adds up to hours of unproductive work.”

How Armalytix solved it

Armalytix provided MC9A with a fast and simple solution to financial data sharing that required little effort from the client and saved hours of internal work. It allowed specific bank statement information to be requested directly from the clients’ bank accounts, able to be approved by the client in a matter of moments.

Pick up a piece of work and finish it

With Armalytix, MC9A now spends significantly less time retrieving data and is left with greater flexibility to complete other tasks quickly, improving workplace productivity. Macleod states:

“If you want to make money, you need to be able to pick up a piece of work and finish it. With Armalytix, you can get started on the data instantly rather than having to email a client and wait for them to send it. The statements are collected and ready immediately, accessible when we need it. Nobody wants to be dipping in and out of various time-consuming tasks because this spoils workplace productivity. Armalytix ensures this doesn’t happen.”

More productive, more profitable

Fast access to accurate financial data ensures MC9A can provide its clients with quick financial support and business advice whilst working more efficiently on other tasks. Macleod concludes:

“Ultimately, the by-product of Armalytix is that we know once we start a piece of work, we can finish it because we have all the data – it has made the workplace more productive and therefore more profitable. Armalytix has now become crucial to the business. It’s another tool in our armoury that we use every day – we are now rolling it out to all of our clients, not just those who have difficulty sharing their financial information.”

By kota — 6 October 21

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