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‘Armalytix is a god send! The analysis the Armalytix report provides makes it a unique offering in this market.’

About Eden Conveyancing

Eden is on a mission to transform the conveyancing industry using technology, making buying or selling a home a smooth and enjoyable experience not only for end customers, but for property lawyers too.  Eden runs an inclusive and first-class conveyancing service, which any buyer or seller can benefit from and its online service is particularly helpful for first-time buyers. With an experienced team of property lawyers behind it, the Eden online conveyancing service uses tech innovation to make the conveyancing process as fast, streamlined, and client friendly as possible.

The problem

Eden was founded in 2021 and received their CLC license in 2022. Setting up a new law firm involves a huge amount of process work to show both the regulator and the insurer that the firm has compliant and robust processes. With the CLC recently highlighting a lack of Source of Funds evidence as one of their top 5 common high-risk factors in their 2022 AML Report, getting this part of the process right was critical to Eden.

The Armalytix solution

Sam Strong, Head of Conveyancing and HOLP explains how Eden embedded Armalytix from day one:

‘We are a digital law firm and we want to use the best tech that is available. We have used Armalytix since we started and from a compliance point of view, I am pleased that we have a full audit trail and a process that we apply across the board. During the process of setting up the firm we showed examples of the audit trail and process to our regulator, which was well received.’

Working with Armalytix has allowed Eden to make a significant difference in the way that its property lawyers manage Source of Funds. One fee earner previously had to deal with Source of Funds without any technology at her old firm:

‘At my old firm I always had to deal with Source of Funds manually and personally so Armalytix is a god send! The reports are really good, clear and easy to follow. I think the analysis the report provides and the ability to select the amount to prove makes it a unique offering in this market.’

Eden Conveyancing has embraced this new technology to bring efficiency and enhanced profit to the firm.

Number 1 – real digital success

Eden was recently able to celebrate the effectiveness of embracing technology at the core of its processes by being ranked number 1 in the inaugural Digital Conveyancing Maturity Index. This assessed the progress conveyancers are making in adopting technology that can improve the conveyancing process. The research was conducted by InfoTrack and supported by leading industry bodies including the Law Society, the CLC, the SLC, the Conveyancing Association, and LawNet. Bruce Griffin, CEO of Eden Conveyancing commented:

‘We invest in technology to help us deliver the best client experience and make life easier for our property lawyers, and so ranking first is an amazing achievement we’re very proud of. Integrating our platform with best of breed solutions has enabled us to do that. So, we’ll be continuing to adopt and promote new innovation and features that help make conveyancing a smooth and enjoyable experience for our clients.’

Growing with the firm

Following the swift success, Eden is a growing business and over the last few months has added a number of new property lawyers to its growing team. The support provided by Armalytix to these new users is an important part of the work done by Head of Customer Success at Armalytix, Sheryl Hodgson:

‘We work closely with our clients to ensure that all users of Armalytix receive the appropriate training and support. This involves helping users understand how an Armalytix report is ordered, what the consumer journey entails and how the Armalytix Source of Funds report is structured so that when a new user gets their first report back, they understand how to read and navigate their way through it. It’s been really exciting to see the Eden team grow and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them.’

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Armalytix enables law firms to create great client experiences with a simple, digital journey integrated effortlessly into your existing workflows.

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You can also download a sample source of funds report at this link.

By The Armalytix Team — 19 January 23

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